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Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

Panasonic smt

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* NPM-D(Next Production Modular)
* NPM-W (Next Production Modular-Wide)

* IP321
* IP121
* NPM (Next Production Modular)
* NPM-W (Next Production Modular-Wide)

Surface Mount Placement

* BM123/133
* BM221
* BM231
* CM101
* CM232
* CM602
* DT401
* NPM (Next Production Modular)
* NPM-W (Next Production Modular-Wide)

Screen Printer

* SP18
* SP60
* SP80
* NPM (Next Production Modular)
* NPM-W (Next Production Modular-Wide)


* AV131
* RL131
* RG131
* JV131

Pre-Owned Certified

* Certified CM402
* Certified MPAV2B
* Certified MSR
* Certified MSF

Panasonic Electronics Assembly

Panasonic's Electronics Assembly Group (EAG) offers highly reliable component placement equipment for any mix, any volume circuit manufacturing via world-class component placement, inspection and screen printing solutions. Panasonic's expertise as a manufacturer and provider of industry-leading SMT equipment, engineering and consultancy solutions drive your productivity without rival.

Our new lines of flexible, modular, small footprint placement machines - coupled with our superior software and attention to semiconductor industry standards, such as CamX & IPC9850, and energy-saving design - enable highly accurate, repeatable, optimized chip placement. All while reducing inventory, PCB rework, data preparation and model changeover time - and maintaining your profit.

Tap the power of a world-class manufacturing organization. Any time, any where. Any mix, any volume.

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