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Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Panasonic NPM (Next Production Modular)

The NPM (Next Production Modular) provides a completely integrated single-platform solution for expanding and evolving electronics assembly needs. In addition to its interchangeable, plug-and-play placement heads, the NPM platform integrates solder paste inspection (SPI), adhesive dispense (ADH), and post placement inspection (AOI).

Both heads of each NPM unit work on both stages to realize the full benefit of the dual lane configuration while the NPM-DSP (dual screen printer) module can perform parallel, simultaneous printing of two unique products.

The highly flexible placement heads support a part range of 0402 mm (01005 in.) to 28 mm tall. With area productivity up to 25,000 cph/m2 and unmatched reconfiguarbility allowing heads and functions to change as production requires it, the NPM provides lean production and maximum productivity.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact footprint
  • Quick changeover support (SMED)
  • Compatible with CM series intelligent feeders & nozzles
  • Board warp detection, adaptive process control (APC), 3D and thickness sensors
  • High feeder count per unit area


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